If you suffer from rosacea, it may seem like a terrible irony that the very things you do to cover up the redness and visible blood vessels of a break out may actually be triggering the break out.  Thankfully, there are ways to safely cover the symptoms of rosacea without worsening your symptoms. You just have to be careful about what types of cosmetics you use and how you use them.

  • Start fresh – this is good advice for anyone who wears cosmetics, but it is especially important for those who suffer from rosacea. Before applying any make up, wash your face thoroughly but gently, no scrubbing or rubbing, and moisturize. For a truly gentle cleansing, you may want to consider washing your face with an antibacterial cosmetic brush.
  • Limit your exposure – when choosing cosmetics, especially concealer, try to find ones that serve multiple purposes, like a concealer that contains a sunscreen. This will limit the number of products you have to apply, thus limiting your exposure to things that may make your condition worse.
  • Try it before you use it – always take the time to try the a new product on an arm or on the body, somewhere you can cover up if your skin reacts poorly.
  • Go green – a green tinted base coat seems to be the best job of covering up the redness and evening out your skin tone.
  • Choose oil free products – the oils commonly used in cosmetics can trigger flare ups in some people, so avoid them. Products made from mineral powders may be a good choice because they usually contain relatively few ingredients and the minerals themselves are unlikely to cause additional irritation.
  • Application tips – for those who suffer from rosacea, the application of any make up should be done with the utmost of care. Try to avoid using your fingers or even sponges as they may be too harsh. Instead, use soft, antibacterial cosmetic brushes that can get the job done with minimal irritation
  • The eyes – making up the eyes may be particularly challenging for those who have rosacea, especially if they already have symptoms of the disease affecting their eyes or eye lids. Always start with products that have been tested by ophthalmologists and proven to be gentle. Also avoid those types will will require excessive washing or rubbing to remove.
  • The lips – although rosacea symptoms rarely affect the lips directly, it is still a wise choice to stick to types of lip stick that are gentle and easy to remove. It may also be wise to stick to muted, neutral color choices as bright colors or red shades may just bring out the redness in your cheeks and nose.

Like so many aspects of life for those who suffer from rosacea, the diagnoses does not mean you cannot look and feel your best, it just means you have to be a bit more careful about how you go about it.  Taking the time to find the cosmetics that will not further irritate your skin may make a substantial difference in the number and severity of flare ups that you struggle through.

If you have some first hand make tips you would like to share with others who suffer from rosacea or you have a few questions you would like answered by those who know what you are going through, please feel free to leave comments below.