Do you happen to suffer from Rosacea? This skin condition causes redness, irritation and/or bumps on your face that tend to last for days to weeks. There may be no cure, but there are ways to treat it where it does not appear as often.

Rosacea tends to mostly effect middle aged to older women as well as some men. It can be mistaken for an allergic reaction or acne, but you do not want to apply anything to the skin until you know for sure what it is. There are various types of cosmetics that can help cover up the redness rather well once you know it is Rosacea and there are steps you should follow.

Before applying makeup you need to protect yourself from UV rays from the sun as it can flare up Rosacea. Even if it is cloudy outside you will need to protect your face with sunscreen. One that comes recommended is a sunscreen that reduces redness and provides a large spectrum of UVA and UVB coverage, Obagi Rosaclear Skin Balancing Sun Protectio SPF 30.

When dealing with Rosacea, you must be extremely cautious with the types of cosmetics you choose as some can irritate and aggravate your skin even more. Avoid cosmetics that have a fragrance to them. They tend to include harsh chemicals that are bad for your skin. Choose those that display allergy tested on the box. Use a foundation that is oil free and choose brushes to apply the makeup that are antibacterial. You should clean the brushes every day as well.

Other things to think about when you are choosing cosmetics is to avoid any type of waterproof mascara. Even though they may be applied to your eyelashes they still require you to remove them with harsh solvents that can irritate your skin and make your skin condition worse. Use mineral based makeup products for the best results.

For cosmetic choices select yellow tinted products that will reduce the redness on your face. A green base will increase the redness or make your face appear greenish or gray through the foundation.

Here are some basics to keep in mind for simple washing of your face. When dealing with such a harsh skin condition as Rosacea you must remember never to rub with a wash cloth. Use lukewarm water with a soft soap such as Dove that does not contain harsh chemicals. You can also use a mild cleanser with glycerin or a glycerin soap from a pump bottle. Make sure to clean your face regularly as this will also play into keeping Rosacea away.

If you are suffering from a severe case of Rosacea, see your doctor. Allowing several months without any kind of treatment will only cause more redness, inflammation, dryness, and blistering to become worse, costing you more money and longer to treat your skin.